Managing Chromebook Kiosk Apps

Bluebook™ is a kiosk app and works only on Chromebooks that are school managed, which affects the way it's installed, managed, and used:

  • You must use the Google Admin console to install Bluebook.
  • When students take the test, they may have to use their Chromebooks in unfamiliar ways.


How do I know if my Chromebooks are school managed?

School-managed Chromebooks are enrolled in the Google Admin console and managed by technology staff at your school or district. These administrators use the Admin console to enforce policies, install apps, and customize device settings. It’s possible your school or district manages student accounts but not devices. 

To find out if your student Chromebooks are managed, sign in to one and select the time at the bottom. Look for a message telling you that your device is managed by your school or district. If you don't see that message, talk to your technology staff or school leadership about device management.

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What is kiosk mode and why is it necessary?

Kiosk mode is a way to secure devices. By designing Bluebook to work on Chromebook as a kiosk app only, we keep our tests secure. When students take a test on Bluebook, they can’t use their devices or the internet to do anything else. 

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How does kiosk mode change the way students use their Chromebooks?

Even students who use managed Chromebooks to do schoolwork or take other tests may be unfamiliar with using Chromebook in kiosk mode.  

For instance, students open Bluebook without signing in to their school user account. The experience for students who use accommodations is particularly different. 

Make sure all students and testing staff know how to use Bluebook on Chromebooks.

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How do I clear user profiles from my Chromebooks?

Insufficient space can cause the loss of student answers and other test day issues. We strongly recommend clearing user profiles shortly before test day, especially on devices that were shared or used a lot since they were last cleared.  

You can clear user profiles from the Google Admin console. Unlike a factory reset, clearing user profiles does not remove kiosk applications or change device settings. Applications deployed to user accounts will be available the next time users sign in to a device.

To clear user profiles:

  1. Sign into the Google Admin console.
  2. Navigate to the appropriate organizational unit (OU) and select the devices you’ll use for Bluebook testing.
  3. Click Reset. You may need to click More first.
  4. Choose the Clear User Profiles option. 

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How do I enable accessibility features in kiosk mode?

Students with approved accommodations need the Chromebook floating accessibility menu, which is not available by default. Custom Chromebook settings they regularly use won’t work in kiosk mode. Learn how to use your Admin console to change this device setting.

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Which organizational unit should I use to install Bluebook?

Chromebooks managed in the Google Admin console are grouped into hierarchical organizational units (OUs), making it possible to install apps and customize settings on a group of devices. 

You’ll use an OU to install Bluebook on testing devices. You can choose one that includes any device your students might use on test day or, if necessary, an OU that includes only a subset of testing devices. 

Students who test with accommodations need to use the Chromebook floating accessibility menu. To limit the availability of that feature, apply the setting to particular testing devices by assigning them to a separate OU.

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How do I uninstall old testing apps from Chromebooks?

To uninstall old versions of Bluebook (from before November 2022), the CB Digital Exams app, or the 2021 Digital AP Exams app:

  1. Select the appropriate organizational unit.
  2. If an old version of Bluebook, the CB Digital Exams app, or the 2021 Digital AP Exams app is listed, click it and then click the trash can icon. 

Note: If your students took a digital AP Exam or a digital SAT before November 2022, and you do not uninstall the old app, they’ll see “CB Digital Exams” in addition to “Bluebook.”

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Why can’t my students open Bluebook?

If your students are prompted to install Bluebook, they may be trying to open it after they sign in to their school user account.

Students should try the following fixes in order:

  1. Sign out of their school user account, if necessary.
  2. Select Apps > Bluebook in the lower left corner. 
  3. Sign in to Bluebook with their College Board student account (for AP Exams and SAT Weekend) or the credentials on their sign-in ticket (for SAT School Day or PSAT-related exams).

If the App menu isn’t available or if Bluebook isn’t listed in the menu, make sure these requirements are met:

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