Privacy Policy and Use of Bluebook

The first time a user logs in to Bluebook, they reach a page titled “Privacy Policy and Use of This App.”

They must read and accept the policies described before using Bluebook. Every time they use Bluebook, they are bound by these policies.

This is the content they see:

Welcome to Bluebook™ (the “Exam App”).

This Exam App and all of its content, features and functionality are property of College Board and/or its licensors and are protected by copyright laws. You may only use the Exam App for its intended purposes. You are prohibited from taking screenshots in the Exam App and from attempting to reverse engineer, decompile, or otherwise attempt to reproduce, tamper with, or compromise the security of the Exam App in any way.   

We (College Board) are committed to protecting your privacy. Please review our Privacy Policies at You can also read the Privacy Statement under Help on the Bluebook homepage.

  • Device Data: When you download and use the Exam App, College Board will receive certain information about your device, including device type, operating system type and version, applications and processes running on your device, Internet Protocol (IP) address, screen size and resolution, number of screens, available memory,  storage and disk bytes, disk mount, type and size, battery level, and other device-specific information for the purposes described below.
  • Activity Data: We also monitor and capture the actions you take in the Exam App, including your responses, where you click, where you put your mouse on the page, how long you spend on each page, ctrl/alt/delete attempts, and how you navigate through the Exam App.
  • Device Data and Activity Data: Device Data and Activity Data (collectively, “Data”) may be used by College Board to make sure your device is compatible with the Exam App, for test security purposes, for test validation and research, and to develop and improve College Board products and services. Data may be disclosed to trusted vendors, but only in their provision of services to College Board, and we may disclose aggregated and de-identified Data. Data may be shared with your school, district, or state education department related to tests you take on the Exam App, including any misuse of the Exam App. Data is not sold or licensed to third parties including without limitation for their marketing or other commercial purposes. You will also be asked to type specific sentences in the Exam App. Neither Data nor those typed sentences are used for biometric identification.

You will need an internet connection to use this Exam App.

You are responsible for maintaining the security of your login credentials, whether you login with a code or with your College Board username and password.