Technology Tasks

Is it time for you to install or update Bluebook?

Technology staff: work with your test coordinator to make sure your school or test center is ready for test day. 

1. Check testing rooms.

Help test coordinators select testing rooms with a strong, consistent Wi-Fi signal. Get guidance.

2. Decide how to provide internet access. 

All test takers and testing staff must connect to the internet on test day. You may need to set up guest access for anyone who uses a personal device or is unaffiliated with your institution.

  • SAT Weekend test centers: Some students and staff will use personal devices or be unaffiliated with your institution.
  • Schools: Depending on your policy, students and staff using personal devices or unaffiliated with your school may need internet access.

3. Assess school-managed devices and install Bluebook.

  • For AP Exams, SAT School Day, and PSAT-related assessments, check your devices to see if they can support Bluebook testing. Check Bluebook™ device specs.
  • Install Bluebook on school-managed testing devices. Get Bluebook.
  • If your students will test on Chromebooks, learn about kiosk mode, accessibility features, and special installation steps. Go to the Chromebook Checklist
  • Install Bluebook for students who want to take SAT Weekend on their school-managed device. 

4. Configure your network.

Testing won’t work unless your network is configured to support Bluebook testing. Review Network Requirements and get the bypass list.

5. Check readiness.

In the week before the test:

  • Test your network configuration.
  • Make sure school-managed testing devices have the latest version of Bluebook.

For AP Exams, SAT School Day, and PSAT-related assessments, avoid test day delays by opening Bluebook so it can auto-update.