In-School Testing and Answer Submission

If you’re a test coordinator for PSAT-related assessments or an AP coordinator, one of your most important test day responsibilities is to make sure every student's answers are submitted to College Board.

Note: You avoid scoring issues—and make sure colleges and scholarship programs get reports promptly—if you act quickly to help students with submission issues.

Good to Know

  • If students don’t have an internet connection when they run out of testing time, their answers can’t be submitted automatically.

  • Proctors and technology monitors can solve most submission issues using the troubleshooting tips in their guides.
  • Students need to submit their answers using the same device they tested on.
  • Students who test on a shared device should keep that device until they successfully submit their answers.
  • For AP Exams, answers must be submitted within 5 days.
  • For PSAT-related assessments, answers must be submitted within 24 hours.

How to Check Answer Submission Status

  1. Start by asking proctors if any of their students had trouble submitting answers.
  2. Go to All Students in Test Day Toolkit and sort your roster by testing status.
  3. Look for students who were marked present but don’t have a Submitted status.
  4. If your school is administering multiple tests, check the roster for each.

How to Help Students Whose Answers Weren’t Submitted

If students had to be dismissed from testing before their answers were submitted, take these steps:

Step 1: Protect student answers on shared devices until they’re submitted to College Board.

  • If students who tested on a shared device couldn’t keep the device, set it aside.
  • Tell technology staff not to uninstall Bluebook, delete any data or user profiles, or let other students use the device.

Step 2: Remind students and parents to complete testing by submitting their answers as soon as possible.

  • They’ll need to sign in to Bluebook again when they have an internet connection and click Submit Answers on their Bluebook homepage.
  • For AP Exams, students sign in with their College Board account.
  • For PSAT-related assessments, students sign in with the credentials on their sign-in ticket.

Step 3: If students are unable to submit their answers even when they’re connected to the internet, they can test again.

  • For AP Exams, order a makeup.
  • For PSAT-related assessments, follow instructions in the Retesting and Irregularities Guide (coming soon) to set up a retest in Test Day Toolkit.


How do I print sign-in tickets for PSAT-related assessments?

  • Click Print Sign-In Tickets on the homepage.
  • Choose a printing option.
  • You can print a PDF with all tickets sorted alphabetically.
  • You can also print a PDF with tickets sorted by room if you assigned students to room.
  • The PDF prints 4 tickets per page.
  • Select single-sided printing.

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