Bluebook Testing Tools

Bluebook makes several tools available to you while you’re testing.

Testing Timer: A timer will let you know how much time is remaining in each part of the test. You can hide it until 5 minutes remain, then you’ll get an alert.

Calculator: For tests with math questions, the app has a built-in calculator. You can drag it anywhere on the screen.

Reference Sheet: A reference sheet with commonly used formulas will appear on all tests with math questions.

Highlights & Notes: Use this tool to highlight text from a question or leave yourself a note. 

Mark for Review: Use the bookmark icon to flag any question you want to come back to.

Line Reader: Use this tool to focus as you read test content.  

Option Eliminator: Cross out answer choices you think are wrong. You can undo this if you change your mind.

Question Menu: See which questions you skipped or marked for review, and navigate to any question in the section.

Zoom: Use keyboard shortcuts on laptops or pinch and zoom on tablets to get a closer look at any part of the question.