Chromebook Checklist

Make sure you installed Bluebook correctly, check your devices, and share test day instructions with test coordinators.

Before Test Day

Check Device Specifications

  • Open Bluebook on some of your testing devices and click Test Your Device on the sign-in screen to find out if they meet minimum requirements.

Check Bluebook Versions

Protect Student Test Data (ChromeOS 113 or lower)

Follow the steps in Part 3 of How to Install Bluebook on Chromebooks if you installed Bluebook on Chromebooks running ChromeOS 113 or lower:

  • In the App console, change device settings to make sure local user data won’t be erased.
  • Validate your configuration by opening a Chromebook, signing in to Bluebook, and restarting.

Make Sure Bluebook Works for Every Student

Free Up Space

Insufficient space can cause the loss of student answers and other test day issues.

We strongly recommend clearing user profiles shortly before test day, especially on devices that were shared or used a lot since they were last cleared.  

You can clear user profiles from the Google Admin console. Unlike a factory reset, clearing user profiles does not remove kiosk applications or change device settings. Learn more about clearing user profiles.

Check Network Auto-Connect Setting 

Network auto-connect prevents students from using Bluebook outside your school. If it’s turned on, students can’t take SAT Weekend at another location, and they can’t take SAT Suite practice tests or try test previews for AP Exams at home. Learn more about the auto-connect setting.  

Share Test Day Instructions

After Testing

Check with your test coordinator before clearing user profiles or factory resetting Chromebooks because student answers will be erased. Make sure all student answers were submitted to College Board.