How do I check the Chromebook network auto-connect setting?

The Chromebook network auto-connect setting prevents students from using Bluebook outside your school. Students can’t take SAT Weekend at another location, and they can’t take SAT Suite practice tests or try test previews for AP Exams at home.

To avoid this issue, someone with administrator privileges for shared device settings needs to change the auto-connect setting temporarily. You can use an organizational unit (OU) to limit its application.

To change the setting:

  1. Sign into the Google Admin console.
  2. Navigate to Devices > Networks.  
  3. Select the appropriate organizational unit (OU).
  4. Go to General Settings > Auto-connect.
  5. Change the setting to Unrestricted.

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If this setting isn’t changed, students must use a different device type when they’re not at school. Bluebook can be used on Windows laptops and tablets, Mac laptops, and iPads that meet device requirements. Students taking SAT Weekend can also request a loaned device from College Board