Set Up Test Day Toolkit for SAT Weekend

Complete the steps below for each test administration. Start when you get an email telling you that your roster is available in Test Day Toolkit. 


  1. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit with your College Board account.

    • Returning users can go to
    • If it’s your first time using Test Day Toolkit, click the link in the access email we send you and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. Add staff to the administration so they can use Test Day Toolkit on test day.

    • Important: Do this as soon as possible so there’s time to resolve any staff access issues before test day. 
    • Navigate to the Staff page.
    • Add contact details for your proctors and other test day staff.
    • Timesaver: If you’ve used the toolkit before, select returning staff from your staff list.
    • We’ll send access emails to new staff and use the contact details you provide for 2-step verification so make sure their email and phone number are current.
    • As part of 2-step verification, we send staff a code that expires after 3 minutes. Mobile numbers make first-time access easier.
  3. Add rooms.

    • Navigate to All Rooms.
    • Give each room a name and a seating capacity.
  4. Run auto-setup to assign students to rooms by test timing.

    • Click Auto-Setup at the top right of the screen.
    • Auto-setup is available only after you've added enough rooms.
    • It will also estimate your staff needs and optimize your space.
  5. Check room assignments of students approved for small-group testing.

    • Look in the Accommodations column on your roster for students approved for small-group testing.
    • If any student approved for small-group testing is assigned to a room with more than 15 seats, move them to a smaller room.
    • Move each student approved for one-to-one testing to their own room.
  6. Assign staff to roles and rooms.

    • Assign 1 proctor to each room.
    • Only 1 proctor can be assigned to a room, but anyone with access can use Test Day Toolkit to complete proctor activities in any room. 
    • Assign hall and room monitors as needed to meet required staffing ratios. 
    • Assign 1 technology monitor by selecting Technology coordinator
    • Don’t assign technology or hall monitors to a room.