Set Up Test Day Toolkit for PSAT-Related Assessments

Complete the steps below when you get an email telling you Test Day Toolkit is ready for your next PSAT-related assessment testing window.


  1. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit with your College Board account.

    • Returning users can go to
    • If it’s your first time using Test Day Toolkit, click the link in the access email we send you and follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. Create your staff list.

    • Navigate to the Staff page.
    • Add contact details for your proctors and other test day staff.
    • If you’ve used the toolkit before, you can also select returning staff from your staff list.
    • We’ll send access emails to all staff and use the contact details you provide for 2-step verification. Mobile numbers make first-time access easier.
  3. Review your roster for missing students or incorrect data.

    • Navigate to the All Students page to view your roster.
    • Use the SAT Suite Ordering and Registration (SSOR) system to add students or correct their accommodations and personal information.
    • Students won’t be listed here until they’re registered in SSOR.
  4. Add testing rooms. Important: If you’re reusing rooms within the testing window, pay close attention to the special instructions below.

    • Navigate to All Rooms
    • Give each room a seating capacity and a name.
    • If you’re testing in the same room multiple times, you must add a room in Test Day Toolkit for each session to create unique student rosters.
    • Use this naming convention for rooms you’re reusing: Add the month and day after the room name. If necessary, add the time, too. Use letters and numbers only. For example, create rooms called “Cafeteria Oct 6 AM” and “Cafeteria Oct 6 PM” if you’re using the cafeteria to test one group in the morning and another group in the afternoon.
  5. Recommended: Add a late room.

    • If possible, reserve a room for students who arrive at their assigned room after the proctor reads the script.
    • Note: If you preassign students to rooms in Test Day Toolkit, you or your staff will need to reassign late students before they enter a room code.
  6. Optional: Assign students to rooms.

    • On the All Students page, filter or sort your roster by testing group.
    • Select multiple students and use the Action drop-down menu to move them to rooms in bulk.
    • The Test Coordinator Test Day Guide and the Accommodations Guide have more information about testing groups and room assignments.
    • To test students in different testing groups in the same room, skip this step and simply instruct students to sit in the selected room. The toolkit will create a room roster on test day when students enter the room code their proctor gives them.
  7. Check room assignments of students approved for small-group testing.

    • Look in the Accommodations column on your roster for students approved for small-group testing.
    • If any student approved for small-group testing is assigned to a room with more than 15 seats, move them to a smaller room.
    • Move each student approved for one-to-one testing to their own room.
  8. Assign staff to roles and rooms.

    • Assign each proctor to a room.
    • Proctors can be assigned to only 1 room at a time. If someone is proctoring multiple times during the testing window, assign them to a new room after each session. 
    • Assign room monitors as needed to meet required staffing ratios.
    • Assign 1 or more technology monitors by selecting Technology coordinator
    • Don’t assign technology monitors to a room.
  9. When you’re ready, print student sign-in tickets.

    • Click Print Sign-In Tickets on the Test Day Toolkit homepage.
    • Print tickets sorted alphabetically or by room (if students are assigned to rooms in the toolkit).