Network Readiness Checklist

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Can your network support all test takers?

  • To make sure your network can support enough simultaneous test takers, run a speed test and compare the results to the minimum bandwidth requirements.
  • Make sure all testing staff and students can access the internet. You may need to set up a guest network.

Measure Network Speed in Your Building

Can each testing room support the number of assigned test takers?

  • Ask your test coordinator for a list of testing rooms.
  • Compare the expected number of test takers in each room to the device capacity of wireless access points (WAPs) within range.

Check Testing Room Capacity

Can required traffic pass through your network?

  • Let required traffic bypass security appliances and software. 
  • Exempt required traffic from all SSL/TLS decryption rules if you’re certificate pinning. 
  • Open the 443/TCP port and protocol for required traffic.

Configure Your Network to Support Bluebook™ Testing

Does your test coordinator have the information they need?

  • Provide the coordinator with the network passwords they’ll need. 
  • List backup testing rooms, if available.
  • Provide the phone number of a network manager who can help on test day.