Configure Your Network

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Students can’t take the test if your network doesn’t meet our configuration requirements.

How to Configure Your Network

  1. Let traffic to and from the domains listed below bypass your security appliances and software.
  2. Remember to exempt them from all SSL/TLS decryption rules if you’re certificate pinning. 
  3. Open the 443/TCP port and protocol for traffic to and from those domains.

Important: Make sure you’ve accounted for all security appliances and software. 

Bypass List 

Let traffic to and from these domains bypass firewalls, content filters, proxy servers, and any other security appliances or software: 

  • College Board: Use a wildcard at the root level to make Bluebook testing possible: *  
  • Apple App Store: Enable Bluebook updates if students are testing on Macs or iPads 
  • Sentry: Use a wildcard at the root level to help us troubleshoot test day issues: *