Check Testing Room Capacity

Assigning too many students to a single wireless access point (WAP) can delay testing and prevent answer submission. That’s why it’s critical to check the coordinator’s choice of testing rooms.

A WAP is network hardware that makes wireless connections possible.

Best Practices

  • Choose rooms where digital tests were successfully administered in the past.
  • Give the coordinator a list of recommended testing rooms with the device capacity of each.
  • Recommend backup rooms that use a different WAP.
  • Avoid rooms with inconsistent Wi-Fi coverage.

How to Determine Room Capacity

For each testing room, compare the expected number of test takers to the device capacity of WAPs within range.

  1. Identify the brand and model of each WAP within range.
  2. Refer to the manufacturer’s best practices and device maximums for that model.
  3. Make sure the number of students assigned to the room is lower than the combined maximums of all WAPs within range.
  4. Assign even fewer students if environmental factors at your school could lower the room’s true capacity.