How do I set up an SAT Suite of Assessments retest and what can I do to prevent issues?

To set up a retest, use Test Day Toolkit to submit a retest irregularity form. Get complete instructions:

Before you retest a student, make sure the problem that prevented successful testing last time was resolved. Guidance for common issues is shared below.

Chromebooks issues. Direct technology staff to the Chromebook Checklist to review device readiness steps, including:

  • Clearing user profiles to free up space and prevent loss of student answers.
  • Enabling text-to-speech and other accessibility features in kiosk mode.

Incorrect student information or accommodations. Don’t start a retest unless Test Day Toolkit lists the correct information and accommodations.

Internet issues. Ask technology staff if you should test in rooms with stronger Wi-Fi and if the network is configured to let required traffic pass through. Refer them to the Network Readiness Checklist.

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