Windows Installation

Is it time for you to install or update Bluebook?

Students can use Bluebook™ on school-managed and personal Windows devices that meet device requirements.


Keeping Bluebook Up to Date

Testing requires the latest version of Bluebook. If deployed properly, Bluebook performs routine updates when students launch it but releases occasionally require a new deployment. If Bluebook cannot auto-update, a message displays that reinstallation is needed before students can test.

Find out if you need to update Bluebook.


School-Managed Installation

Before You Start

Check device requirements to make sure your Windows devices can support testing on Bluebook. 


Device managers have three options for installing the testing app on managed Windows devices:

  • Allow student download from our site. They’ll need write access to their local folder for installation and testing.
  • Allow student download from your store. Use your MDM platform to place the app in your school store of approved applications.
  • Deploy the app to multiple devices. Use your MDM platform to package and deploy the testing app in a user-writable folder.

Required Settings

  • Install to user-level profiles (not system-level profiles). You can install to shared devices using individual profiles or a single profile (service account). 
  • Allow write access to the profile it’s installed in. Permits the app to load and save exam data, allowing testing to continue during internet disruptions. 
  • Allow write access to the directory it's installed in. Required for successful auto-update. 
  • Set your application blocker to allow Bluebook to launch.
  • Grant access to PowerShell.  

Download Windows installer here.

Check Your Installation

Take these steps to make sure students can take the test and submit their answers on test day:

  • Check your MDM platform to make sure you enabled forced updates. If Bluebook tries to auto-update on test day and it can’t, students won’t be able to test. 
  • Open Bluebook on a student device and sign in with your College Board account. If it’s a deprecated version of Bluebook, you’ll see a message telling you to install the latest version.

Student Download from College Board

Students who test on personal devices should go to on their testing device to download Bluebook. The download page will detect their device type and provide the right file.

Students who test on school-managed devices can also download Bluebook themselves if your policy allows it. Important: Students need write access to their local folder to allow for installation and testing.