Resolving Answer Submission Issues for Digital AP Exams

If you received an email about students with unsubmitted answers, use these instructions to help them. And then learn how to minimize the risk of future issues. 

Identify Students with Unsubmitted Answers

  1. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit and choose the AP Exam mentioned in your email.
  2. Go to All Students in Test Day Toolkit and sort your roster by testing status.
  3. Look for students who were marked present but don’t have a Submitted status.  

Students who stopped testing because of an incident and plan to take a makeup exam don’t need to take action in Bluebook. Please order an exam for late testing in AP Registration and Ordering.  

Encourage Students to Submit Answers

We sent students an email, too, but you can encourage them to act now. Remind them that the deadline is five days after exam day and tell them to let you know if they’re unable to submit answers.  

To submit answers, students should take these steps:

  1. Open Bluebook on the same device they tested on.
  2. Sign in using their College Board account.
  3. Find their recent AP Exam listed under Your Tests and click Submit Answers. If they see the Congratulations page with animated confetti, their answers were submitted.
  4. If they don’t see the AP Exam listed, click Past. If the exam is listed with the message “Your answers have been submitted,” then they’re all set.
  5. If students are still having trouble, they can connect to a different network and try again.

Students can access the instructions above at Fix Answer Submission Issues for Digital AP Exams.

Avoiding Issues in Your Next Administration

For guidance, go to How can I avoid technical issues the next time I give a digital AP Exam? 

If Students Can’t Submit Answers

If a student tries the steps above and they don’t work, follow the instructions in the Coordinator Exam Day Guide to complete an Incident Report for students who were unable to submit responses.

If answer submission is still incomplete after five days, College Board must score the student’s exam using the answers we received during testing when their device was online. If the student takes a makeup exam, their new score will replace the original score.  


How can I avoid technical issues the next time I give a digital AP Exam?

Before your next digital AP Exam administration, learn more about the most common issues that prevent successful testing.

Chromebooks issues. Direct technology staff to the Chromebook Checklist to review device readiness steps, including:

  • Clearing user profiles to free up space and prevent loss of student answers.
  • Enabling text-to-speech and other accessibility features in kiosk mode.

Incorrect student information or accommodations. Make sure Test Day Toolkit lists the correct information and accommodations.

Internet issues. Ask technology staff if you should test in rooms with stronger Wi-Fi and if the network is configured to let required traffic pass through. Refer them to the Network Readiness Checklist.

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