What if Bluebook can’t update to the latest version?

If a student’s device can’t update to the latest version of BluebookTM, try the following steps: 

  1. Make sure the student can access the internet by asking them to go to If they can’t reach this site, see What if students can’t start testing because of a connectivity issue? 
  2. If they’re using a personal Mac or iPad, ask them to check their device settings to make sure automatic updates are turned on. After setting their device to auto-update, they’ll need to go to Bluebook Exams in the App Store and select Open
  3. If the student is using a school-managed device and they attend your school, ask IT staff at your school or district for help. It’s possible they prevent auto-updates on school-managed devices. 
  4. Switch to a backup device if available.  
  5. If these tips don’t work, send the student to the test coordinator.