What if students can't start testing because of a connectivity issue?

If students can’t connect to the network and they have not started testing, try these fixes in this order.

Step 1

If other devices in the same room are connected to the same network, check the student’s device.

  • Make sure the device is not in airplane mode and has Wi-Fi turned on.
  • Make sure the student signed in to the right network with the right password.
  • You can also switch to a backup device with Bluebook™ installed if one is available.

If you can’t resolve the student’s issue, your test coordinator will dismiss them and report an irregularity.

Step 2

If no one in the room can connect, try a different network.

Ask students to sign in to a different network, if one’s available.

Step 3

Try a different room, if available.

Test the connection in another room by signing in to the same network students will use.

Step 4

Contact school technology staff.

Ask them to make sure all filters, firewalls, and proxy servers are open. Share these reminders:

  • They must allow traffic to and from College Board and the Apple App Store.
  • They can go to to find network specifications and guidance.