What if students can't start testing because of a connectivity issue?

If students can’t connect to the network and they have not started testing, try these fixes in this order. 

1. If other devices in the same room are connected, check the student’s device. 

  • Make sure the device has Wi-Fi turned on and airplane mode turned off. 
  • Make sure the student signed in to the right network with the right password. 
  • If the student is using a virtual private network (VPN), tell them to disable it. 
  • Give them a backup device with BluebookTM installed, if available. 

If you can’t resolve the student’s issue, their proctor should notify the test coordinator. 

2. If no one in the room can connect, check the network. 

  • Firewalls, content filters, and proxy servers can prevent some or all students from signing in.
  • Make sure traffic to and from the domains listed on Network Requirements can bypass any security appliances and software

3. Try a different room, if available. 

Test the connection in another room by signing in to the same network students will use.