Combining SAT Suite Administrations in One Room

Except in extraordinary circumstances, College Board requires that different tests are administered in different rooms. Students taking retests must also be assigned to different rooms.

However, if your school can’t meet these requirements, even by reserving more rooms or staggering administrations throughout the testing window, you can follow these guidelines to administer different SAT Suite administrations in the same room.


If necessary, you can administer any two tests in the SAT Suite—including SAT School Day and the PSAT-related assessments—in the same room at the same time. You can also combine primary and retest administrations. These guidelines don’t apply to SAT Weekend or AP Exams.   

Good to Know

  • Administering 2 tests in the same room could confuse proctors and students—use this option only as a last resort.
  • Bluebook administrations work only if proctors read the correct script and provide the correct codes for each test.
  • Proctors can access the roster, script, and codes for only 1 administration at a time.
  • You’ll need 2 proctors in the room, each with their own device.
  • In addition to these instructions, follow all policies and procedures outlined in the guides and webpages for your test administration.

How to Set Up Test Day Toolkit for a Combined Administration

Note: Complete these steps for each administration you’re combining. For example, to combine a primary and retest administration of SAT School Day, start with the primary SAT School Day and then repeat these steps for the retest SAT School Day.

For each administration in the room:

  1. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit and select 1 of the 2 administrations you’re combining.
  2. Create a room in Test Day Toolkit.
  • Name the room in a way that indicates its location and administration type.
  • Give the room a capacity that reflects the number of students taking this administration type.
  • For example, if you’re testing 10 students in room 202, but only 5 of them are retesting, create a room with a capacity of 5 seats or more and name it “202 retest.”
  1. Assign a proctor to the room.
  2. Optional: Assign students to the room.

How to Proctor a Mixed-Room Administration

Each proctor will need:

  • Their own room kit, including sign-in tickets.
  • Their own device.
  • Access to Test Day Toolkit.

Before Students Arrive

  1. Divide the room into two areas, one for each administration.
  2. Sign in to Test Day Toolkit and choose your administration.
  3. Post check-in instructions in your area of the room.
  • Label the instructions with your test or administration type (“SAT School Day” or “Retest,” for example).
  • Post the unique room code for your administration, shown in Test Day Toolkit.

Starting the Test

  1. When students arrive, assign them to seats in the correct area for their administration.
  2. Explain to students that 2 tests are being administered in the room and let them know what to expect.
  3. Use Test Day Toolkit to monitor student check-in for your administration and mark your students present.
  4. When students are ready to test, read the script.
  • For rooms mixing a primary and retest administration of the same test: One proctor can read the script to the whole room, but both start codes must be shared and posted.
  • For rooms mixing different tests: Proctors must take turns reading their script and adding the start code for their administration to the instructions they posted.

During and After the Test

  • Monitor the dashboard for your administration.
  • Check answer submission for your students and dismiss them.