Irregularity Data Retention

If you received an email about pending irregularity reports for recent administrations, follow these instructions to retain the information before Test Day Toolkit access closes.

When to Retain Irregularity Data

Print or save irregularity reports if:

  • Your state or district has policies that require data retention.
  • College Board is still investigating one of your school’s irregularities.  

How to Print or Save Irregularity Reports  

Repeat these steps for each test administration with pending irregularity reports.

  1. Go to and sign in to Test Day Toolkit with your College Board account.
  2. Select your test site and a test administration.
  3. To retain a list of all your reports, use your browser tools to print the Irregularities page or save it as a PDF.  
  4. To print an individual report, open it by clicking its ID and once again use your browser to print or save the page.

Browser Options for Printing and Saving

Options for opening the print dialog box vary by browser, but they typically include:  

  • Clicking CTRL+P  
  • Right-clicking to open the context menu and selecting Print
  • Selecting Print from the main menu

In the print dialog box, send the page to a printer or print it to PDF.

Securing the Data

Remember to protect student information:  

  • Store physical documents in a secure location on school grounds and accessible only by trusted school staff.
  • Follow all other data safety protocols for security documents, whether physical or digital.