What if a student’s answers aren’t submitted?

If the student sees the Answer Submission Incomplete screen or an internet connection error message when their testing time ends, check their internet connection, making sure the device has Wi-Fi turned on and airplane mode turned off.  

If the student can connect to the internet, they should try the following steps in order:  

  1. Exit and reopen BluebookTM.  
  2. Restart their device.  
  3. Open Bluebook and click Submit Answers on their homepage.  
  4. If they can’t open Bluebook, tell them to connect to a different network and try again. Answer submission deadlines vary by test and are listed in the test day guides. 

IMPORTANT: Students need to submit their answers using the same device they tested on.  

SAT Weekend test centers: If a student tested on a device loaned by College Board and can’t submit their answers, ask them to stay with you while you call us for help. Make sure they return to their testing room so their proctor can follow checkout procedures. 

In-school testing: If a student tested on a shared device, let them keep the device until they can submit their answers. If that’s impossible, notify your coordinator and take steps to prevent loss of data: don’t uninstall the application, don’t delete any data or user profiles, and don’t let other students use the device.