What do I need to know when I interpret my speed test results?

The speed test estimates how many students can test at the same time in your entire building—not in the room where it’s run. If a school runs a speed test in 5 rooms and the estimate is 200 students each time, the school can test 200 students at the same time. 

You should still check the speed in every room, though, because internet speed typically varies throughout a building on wireless networks. If you check the speed in each testing room, you can identify those with the best and worst connectivity and can adjust your plans if you need to.

If the speed test estimate in 4 of the 5 rooms is 200 students, but only 170 students in the fifth room, the school should:

  • Run the speed test again to make sure the low number wasn’t an anomaly.
  • Avoid using that room. 
  • If that’s not possible, they should test only 170 students at the same time.