What if the student can’t sign in to Bluebook?

SAT Weekend and AP Exams: After students open BluebookTM, they need to sign in to their College Board account. If they forget their College Board account credentials, they can reset them.  

Students using Windows and Apple devices can reset their account credentials from the Bluebook sign-in page. Students using Chromebooks need to exit Bluebook and use a web browser. 

All students need to access their email. If they can’t do so on their testing device, let them use their phone. FAQs are available at

If a student is locked out of their account, they’ll see a message asking them to wait before trying again. After 10 failed sign-in attempts, call us. 

SAT School Day and PSAT-related assessments: Make sure the student clicked the first sign-in button when they opened Bluebook and used the credentials on their sign-in ticket. 

If students signed in with their College Board account instead, they should sign out, click the first button, and use their ticket to sign in again. 

If students made 10 failed attempts to sign in with the credentials on their sign-in ticket, they’ll be locked out for 5 minutes. After another 10 failed attempts, they’ll be locked out for 25 minutes. Finally, if the student has 10 more failed attempts, they’ll be locked out until their test coordinator contacts College Board.