What if I can’t use ChromeVox or Select-to-speak when I open Bluebook on a Chromebook?

If the Accessibility menu is available in the bottom right of the screen, take these steps: 

  1. Open the Accessibility menu.  

  2. Use the toggles to turn on ChromeVox or Select-to-speak 

  3. Open settings to personalize verbosity, punctuation, navigation, and more. 

  4. Use the Toggle menu position button to move the Accessibility menu so it doesn’t block Bluebook navigation buttons during testing. 

  5. Repeat these steps every time you open Bluebook. 

If you don’t find the Accessibility menu, ask school technology staff to change the setting for the kiosk floating accessibility menu in the Google Admin console. Complete instructions are available at Accessibility Features in Chromebook Kiosk Mode. 

If that’s not possible and kiosk accessibility shortcuts are enabled, use Ctrl + Alt + Z to turn ChromeVox on. Note: Without the Accessibility menu, students can’t personalize their settings or use Select-to-speak. 

If students can’t take the test, follow the guidance for reporting issues in one of these resources: 

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